CFI Financial Modeling Competition

Registration for the 2021 FinMo Competition is now open!
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Compete to Be the Best in the World

Winners will be featured on the FinMo website and by the Global Corporate Finance Society. Enter the top 20 rankings and show that you are the best in the world.
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FinMo Registration is Now Open

Registration is open for the 2021 FinMo Case Competition (October 4, 2021). Show your skills as a financial modeling guru and compete to be the best in the world. FinMo is 100% online.

Students who are enrolled in the FMVA® certification program receive discounted admission!

$30 USD
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Individual Registration. Anyone enrolled in the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® program or registered as a full-time student in a university or college program.

$50 USD
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Individual Registration. General registration for working professionals or anyone who is not a full-time student.

$150 USD
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Team Registration. This registration is for university teams of up to 5 members. Students may register as a team and work together on a single submission.

How the Competition Works

Contestants must complete five steps over a one week period. Below is an infographic of how the financial modeling competition works.

Download the Case Package
Build Your Financial Model
Create Your Presentation
Record a 5 Minute Video
Upload Your Submission
Download the Case Package

Find and download the case package in your account dashboard. The case package includes:

  • Confidential information memorandum (CIM)
  • Excel model template
  • PowerPoint presentation template
Build Your Financial Model

Read the confidential information memorandum. Then, build a financial model using the Excel template to evaluate the transaction and solve the business case.

Create Your Presentation

Create an engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation using the attached template to deliver your conclusions. Suggest recommendations and present your analysis.

Record a 5 Minute Video

Present your findings with a 5-minute video. Walk through your financial model and explain the logic used to arrive at your answer. Pitch the investment conclusion using your model and PowerPoint presentation.

Upload Your Submission

Once you have finished your Excel financial model, PowerPoint presentation, and 5-minute video, upload your submission in your account dashboard. Make sure to include all files before the due date.

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FinMo Competition Sponsors

Below are the sponsors and partners of the 2021 Financial Modeling Competition and Case Study. Click on the logos below to learn more about Yellow Point Equity Partners, S&P Capital IQ, PitchBook Data, Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), and the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS).