FMVA® Certification

Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA®) Certification

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The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA®) designation is a premier global certification program that focuses on practical applications of financial analysis, modeling, valuation, presentations and more. It covers the entire financial analyst skill set and provides the tools and training necessary to become a world-class financial analyst.

FMVA® certification program subjects

FMVA® Curriculum

The curriculum of the program covers the most important topics for a financial analyst which include a combination of detail-focus and big-picture thinking.

FMVA® Certification Requirements:

  • 8 Prerequisite Courses (Optional)
  • 9 Core Courses (All Required)
  • 8 Elective Courses (3 Required)

Curriculum Topics:

  • Financial Modeling (25%)
  • Finance theory and math (23%)
  • Excel skills (17%)
  • Business valuation (10%)
  • Budgeting & forecasting (8%)
  • Presentations & visual outputs (8%)
  • Accounting knowledge (5%)
  • Corporate and Business strategy (4%)

To learn more, check out the full FMVA® Program Details!

FMVA® Certificate

After successfully completing all 12 courses and passing the exams with a score of 80% of higher candidates will be awarded their FMVA® certification.  Below is an image of the certificate that’s presented to successful candidates.

FMVA™ certification awarded to students

Those who have earned the credential have demonstrated a thorough grasp of financial modeling and valuation analysis, including how to use Excel spreadsheets, create PowerPoint presentations, and perform in-depth analysis of financial statements. Due to the practical nature of the program, students learn not only the theory behind important concepts but how to apply those theory to real-world situations.  This often includes completing a case study or simulation where analysts are presented with a company’s financial statements and must put them into Excel, analyze them, and make recommendations about what the company should do.

To learn more, check out the full FMVA® Program Details!

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