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This ranking of the top financial modeling training websites orders them according to their monthly traffic. The traffic data is from, which provides website traffic statistics and market intelligence. Website traffic is a vital metric for web-based business and is usually a critical business driver that has a high correlation to the number of users.


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Website Monthly Traffic Ranking Graph

Source: SimilarWeb Estimates, October 2018.

The chart above displays the top-ranked financial modeling and related training companies, sorted by monthly website traffic. This data is based on public information from


Financial Modeling Training Summary

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is ranked number one (#1) on this list of financial modeling training websites, with over 3 million visitors in the month of October; second is the finance forum Wall Street Oasis (WSO) with 2.6 Million visitors in the same month; and next are, CFA Institute, Wall Street Mojo, Mergers and Inquisitions,  Wall Street Prep (WSP), and Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS).

The financial modeling training providers Wallst-Training, Training the Street (TTS), and FM Institute (FMI) did not have enough traffic to show up on SimilarWeb traffic estimate.


RankCompany Traffic (Total Visits in Oct)
#1Corporate Finance Institute ®3,280,000
#2Wall Street Oasis2,680,000
#3CFA® Institute1,910,000
#4Wall Street Mojo1,140,000
#5Mergers and Inquisitions658,140
#6Wall Street Prep351,130
#7Breaking into Wall Street 240,720
#8Training the Street Traffic too low to estimate
#9Wall St. TrainingTraffic too low to estimate
#10FM InstituteTraffic too low to estimate


Source: SimilarWeb Estimates, October 2018.

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