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Past Competitions

2019 FinMo Case Competition

The 2019 Global FinMo Case Competition was an investment banking case study, in which participants were assigned the role of an M&A Analyst at a major financial advisory firm. Based on this assumption, their task was to use the appropriate information provided in the CIM to value the business in consideration. After this standalone valuation was completed, they were required to provide strategic recommendations and rationale to the company’s executives about one suggested target company, its pro-forma intrinsic value, and the deal structure.

2019 Winner’s Submission

2018 FinMo Case Competition

The 2018 FinMo Case Competition was a private equity case study where participants played the role of an Associate at a private equity firm. As an analyst at the firm, their task was to take all of the financial information provided in the CIM and build a financial model to value the business. Once the valuation was completed, they determined what the business was worth and made recommendations to the Investment Committee at the PE firm about whether or not they should invest, at what price, and how the deal should be structured.
  • CIM – "Confidential Information Memorandum" containing a PDF file with an overview of business operations and financials
  • Excel Data File – An Excel file with the raw financial data of the company
  • Pitchbook-Template-for-Presentation – A PowerPoint template to build your pitch for an investment recommendation

2018 Winner’s Submission