The 2019 Financial Modeling Competition

The 2019 Financial Modeling Competition is currently being designed. More information soon to come.

The 2019 Case

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The 2018 Competition

The Winners

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The 2018 Case

A Private Equity Case Competition

The 2018 Financial Modeling Competition was a private equity case study where participants played the role of an Associate at a private equity firm. Contestants received a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) about a private business being marketed by an investment bank.


2018 financial modeling competition case


Participants built a financial model in Excel, valued the business, and made a recommendation about whether the private equity firm should invest in the business or not, and if so, how they should structure the deal.


Focused on real-life scenarios, these finance competitions are an opportunity for participants to showcase and celebrate their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge and excellence in the industry. 


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