M&A Case Competition


The 2019 Financial Modeling Competition will be an M & A Case Study, where the Participants will have to analyze the impact of a potential M&A Transaction.


Focused on real-life scenarios, this online competition will challenge participants to showcase and celebrate their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge and excellence in the industry. Participants will take part in a single round of elimination designed to test their technical knowledge of financial modeling.


Please check out Corporate Finance Institute ® Overview of the M&A Process

10 step M&A process list

Showcase Your Finance Skills


The “Financial Modeling Competition – World Case Championships” is a life-changing experience that fosters education and commitment to continuous education. Participants will have the chance to showcase their expertise and gain international credibility through an accumulation of practice, hard work, work experience, and continuous education.





Register today to embark on an exciting adventure! Embrace the opportunity to demonstrate your subject mastery, accumulation of hard work, and expertise across a broad range of corporate finance topics.


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