2021 FinMo Competition Case Competition

The 2021 Finmo Competition is now Complete. Thank-you for participating and stay tuned for our announcement on the top 3!


The 2021 Financial Modeling Competition is a case study where participants will play the role of a financial advisor asked to provide advice to their client on strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value.

This online competition challenges participants to showcase and celebrate their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge, and excellence in the industry. Participants take part in a single round of elimination over one week to test their technical knowledge of financial modeling and critical thinking.

If you have registered and logged in, you can access the case materials at this URL: https://financialmodeling.org/download-files/ 

You can submit your files here: https://financialmodeling.org/submit-files/

2021-10-11 Update

We have added a case Erratum to the ‘download files’ page on our website, which mentions some minor edits and clarifications to the case. The file is called Erratum (2021-10-11).

If you are having any issues accessing the Erratum, contact us.

We have decided to extend the delivery deadline by 24 hours to: 12:01 UTC on October 19, 2021. Please ensure you check the relevant time for your timezone here.

2021 Updates:

Submission Start and End Dates:

  • In an effort to further improve the submission quality, we will offer students an additional week to make their submissions this year.
  • This means we will release the Case Study on Monday October 4th and the submission will be due Monday October 18th by 12:01AM. This gives entrants 2 full weeks to prepare their submissions.

Submission Grading and Feedback:

  • Instead of grading each individual submission this year, we will be providing a detailed video walkthrough of the top three models and discuss exactly what makes them truly world-class.
  • We feel that this will offer more value to students, compared to the traditional provision of generic feedback comments with a marked scoring rubric.
  • We will publish the Top 5 submissions this year, instead of the Top 20 which we have published in previous years. This will increase the level of recognition that our top submissions receive.

The Case Study:

  • This year’s Case Study is under development and we will provide further details closer to the competition.
  • Wondering how to best prepare for the Case Study? The following resources may be useful:
    • CFI’s own Macabacus plug-in can save you incredible amounts of time and improve the quality of your financial model and PowerPoint presentation. CFI paid students are entitled to a 6-month free trial, while non-CFI students are encouraged to utilize the 30-day free trial.
    • We recommend starting a Macabacus trial a couple of weeks before the Case Study is announced to allow time to get familiar with Macabacus and improve your speed with some of the keyboard shortcuts and functions.
    • We encourage entrants to enrol in CFI’s Presentation of Financial Information course (which is part of the FMVA program). The skills taught in this course will assist you in presenting your analysis in a precise and effective manner. We also encourage entrants to review the FMVA course content as a whole.

Showcase Your Finance Skills

FinMo fosters education and commitment to the finance industry. Participants will have the chance to showcase their expertise and gain international credibility.


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