2020 Competition Scoring Rubric

Assessment Criteria

Each submission will be evaluated individually through rigorous scoring criteria. The grading scheme will be broken down into the following categories and weightings. For those interested in viewing the complete rubric, click here to see the FinMo 2020 – Grading Rubric.

Be sure to read the Competition Rules to make sure you meet all requirements.

1. Investment Rationale and Strategy (15%)

Clear investment rationale for the M&A transaction is provided. The investment strategy is supported by the case materials.

2. Drivers and Assumptions (10%)

Model drivers and assumptions are clearly stated and based to the case materials. Assumptions and drivers are integrated into financial forecasts.

3. Target Model (15%)

The target model includes a three statement model that is mapped, linked, and driven based on the case materials. The DCF valuation outcome is within an accurate range given case materials.

4. Pro Forma Model (15%)

Pro Forma models links both the acquirer and target models, including a consolidated balance. Synergies are integrated to forecast the cash flows of the pro forma business.

5. Follows Accepted Formatting Conventions (10%)

Financial model submissions should follow the formatting guidelines in the Financial Modeling Best Practices. The model should be easy to follow in terms of its organization.

6. Valuation and Deal Mix (15%)

The DCF valuation of the pro forma business should be within a reasonable price range given the case materials. The deal mix rationale is clearly explained and integrated in the M&A model. The deal mix and valuation should align with the acquirer’s objectives.

7. Effective Sensitivity and Accretion Analysis (10%)

A dynamic sensitivity analysis should be completed to assess the accretion/dilution under different scenarios for the pro forma model and target company. Sensitivity assumptions effectively should flow through the model.

8. Investment Presentation Slide Deck (5%)

Slide deck is effectively structured and showcases the key takeaways from the model and investment recommendation. The slide deck has no grammatical or formatting errors and is within 10 slides.

9. Presentation Recording (5%)

Presentation is clear, dynamic, and articulates the main insights from the investment recommendation and model in a professional manner. Presentations should be under 5 minutes.