Scoring Rubric (100 Points Total)

Assessment Criteria

Deliverables will be assessed as a single submission according to the following rubric:


Critical Thinking – 20 Points

Inputs and Assumptions

  • Assumptions made are high quality and reasonable in the given context
  • The reasoning behind your assumptions demonstrates an understanding of financial modeling
  • Inputs not provided are well researched and documented through references

  • Your analysis is consistent across the deliverables and the line of reasoning is easy to follow throughout the submission
  • Model is easy to audit


Methodology – 40 Points


  • Formulas are used to answer the case question fully and effectively
  • Formulas make the model flow and are easy to follow throughout the model

  • Calculations are accurate as inputs used are correct and the formulas used are accurately entered
  • Forecasted items in the model are computed with the correct calculations

  • Final risk-weighted value assigned to the business based on assumptions is realistic and makes sense
  • A range of valuation methods is employed

  • Formulas and functions used to make the model dynamic and responsive to changes in assumptions


Presentation – 20 Points


  • Submissions follow formatting rules
  • Submissions are neat, easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing
  • Fonts and font sizes are consistent across headings and text
  • Number formats:
    • Black numbers = computations
    • Blue  numbers = hard codes

  • Layout and design of submissions flow logically
  • Model is easy to audit


Insights & Recommendations – 20 Points


  • Recommendations are well thought out and explained
  • Key takeaways are clear and complement the strength of the recommendations

  • Overall presentations of outputs including relevant charts and graphs


Total – 100 Points

A perfect score would receive 100 points.


Be sure to read the Competition Rules to make sure you meet all requirements.