About PitchBook Data

PitchBook Data is a leading provider of financial data, research and analysis on private and public companies. It specializes in providing information on M&A transactions, private equity deal, venture capital investing, and corporate transactions. Its database includes information on participating parties, investors, professionals, and service providers involved in the deals.  The company provides financial analysts with a platform and research tools that make them better at their jobs. The company uses machine-learning to gather data and has a comprehensive process to review a wide range of publicly available sources, as well as primary research on deal flow. PitchBook is a sponsor of the CFI Financial Modeling Competition.


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PitchBook Data is used by finance professionals for a wide range of uses include target screening, comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and general financial analysis of both private and public companies.

The platform was used in creating CFI’s 2018 Financial Modeling Competition case study and the Confidential Information Memorandum contestants use in the competition.

Learn about at https://pitchbook.com


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