About S&P Capital IQ (Market Intelligence)

S&P Capital IQ (S&P Global Market Intelligence) is a leading provider of financial information and technology solutions for finance professionals. S&P Market Intelligence offers extensive public and private company data used by financial analysts that work at financial institutions, investment banks, advisory firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, VC firms, consultants, and corporations. CapIQ is a sponsor of the CFI Financial Modeling Case Competition.

Capital IQ is used by finance professionals for a wide range of uses including target screening, comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and general financial analysis of both private and public companies.

The S&P Global Market Intelligence platform was used in creating CFI’s 2018 Financial Modeling Competition case study and in preparing the Confidential Information Memorandum contents used in the competition to build their financial models.

Learn about S&P Capital IQ at www.spglobal.com

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